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You know you have light, right?

One of my Yemima teachers, when asking us a question during class, would always add, I am sure you have great answers, my talented students. The hebrew word for talented was מוכשרות. This is an interesting choice of word because the root כשר can mean (apart from the very known meaning of kosher) well prepared, and able. She was reminding us that we will have an answer because we have inner ability, and we have learned and our abilities grew.

Last Thursday one of the students who read his/her Melacha (a Yemima specific journal entry) had the most wonderful sentence which said ‘you know you have light, right?’. This sentence touched many of us. It encapsulates our work just right.

And then I thought about another translation for my talented students (מוכשרות)- instead of using the word talented I can use the word gifted. My students are gifted- they were gifted with so many beautiful presents: abilities, thoughts, good hearts, and wonderful insights. However, because they share them in class with all of us, they become a gift to other people. My gifted students- students who were given to me as a gift.

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