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The classes are formed around texts, which are called in Hebrew “halakim” (the portions/parts). These texts were dictated by Yemima during her classes and were given to us by her direct students. In our class, we begin with the dictation of the text itself, continuing the tradition of the original Yemima classes.  We discuss its meaning and clarify ideas, and students contribute their unique understanding of the teachings and how they experience them in their everyday life. The class is in English, and the text we study is translated into English as well.

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What we talk about in class

Yemima's teachings are relevant to many different areas in our lives

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Fall Foliage



Emotional health

Spiritual life

Healthy eating

Decision making

Current weekly classes 

Monday 10 am PT (Monday 8 pm in Israel)
Tuesday 10 pm PT ( Tuesday 8 am in Israel)
special class: in Hebrew Thursday 8:30 pm Israel time- advanced

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We meet once a week. 
A monthly subscription is $100
First class is free.
I don't want money to be the reason why someone can’t study Yemima.
Please contact me with any payment issues.

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