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Why can't I be like..

"Each one learns for herself, each one will come closer in her own time through personal attainment, and we'll get there - when we get there." (Yemima Avital)

So much of our learning in life happens through the lens of comparison. From the moment we are born, we are placed on a developmental chart. We are also graded on a curve. We are sometimes even directly compared with other people around us: why can't you behave nicely like your …..? An internal voice develops within, am I doing as well as others? Am I learning fast enough? Is my progress good?

Comparisons that bring us down are very detrimental to our learning and growth. In this beautiful sentence, Yemima reminds us that in this spiritual teaching, and hopefully, in other areas of our lives, we can focus on our learning without comparing ourselves with other people. We can focus on our insights. We can respect the pace at which we learn and the type of insights that develop within. We can listen to what interests us. We learn to be gentle with ourselves, at our own pace at our own time. How freeing is that!

Did you notice that Yemima's sentence begins in the singular and ends with the plural? Each one learns for herself; however, when we get there, wherever there is, we get there together. When we respect our system's uniqueness, we can have more respect for the people around us. Hopefully, instead of competitors, we will see all the beautiful learners around us, waiting to share insights. We can learn from each other and become better for it.

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