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A root that reaches beyond space and time

The learner stops a chain of deficiency even from generations (Yemima Avita)

In the month of Shvat, we are learning Yemima’s teachings about mending our relationship with our parents. The mending of our roots. When spiritual work is done, we can stop harmful or painful behaviors that have been in our family tree for generations.

The assumption in Yemima’s teachings is that our parents and their parents (and so on) did their best with what they had. “They knew what they knew, they could what they could. If they had known differently they would surely have acted differently” (Yemima avital). They may not have had the physical, mental and psychological resources, and the understanding and insights that we are lucky to have. Otherwise, they would have done the mending themselves. So, when we do this work of mending, it is not only for us but for many family relations from our distant past. A root that reaches beyond space and time.

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